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1. Do not go to a mod or maintainer's journal to complain about anything. There is an email address here. Use it.
2. This is Top Fives. It isn't Top one or 1-5s. If you are going to answer a top five, answer it with five answers. If you cannot answer it with five answers, then don't answer it. Use the answers that others give to be able to answer it in the future if it comes up again.
3. If you can, tag the entry in a generic manner. If it is about people, tag it people. If it is about music, tag it music. If it is about movies, tag it movies. Just like that. This is because I'm going back and trying to organize the posts a little better through tagging and memories. I've put a few into memories already, but not a ton of them.
4. Don't say "song by some random guy" or "I don't know the name of the song, but..." because that means that it probably isn't a top five. Top fives are your five favorites. If you don't know what the name is, then it probably isn't your favorite.
5. If you don't go by these rules, I'll possibly ban you.

Those are the top five rules.

About the Community

A community where you can ask your own top fives and give answers to top fives that other people suggest.

People are sometimes assholes. Get over it if someone says your list sucks. It probably does. If you really care about what others think, then don't answer and just watch.

If you want to know what people are going to say about your taste in certain subjects, you can check out the community list below and that is probably what you are going to hear about in this community at some point, too.


Don't fucking advertise unless you ask first.

Music, Books, Movies, Anything TOP FIVES.
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