Nick (beforetheflood) wrote in top_fives,

Top 5 ethnic dishes that aren't...

So, top five ethnic dishes that aren't Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Chinese, French, or Japanese.

Seems to me those are the most common ethnic restaurants. But there are scores of others that get less spotlight. Follow my lead or interpret as you will and have fun with it.

1. Jagerschnitzel (Germany) - Pork loin pounded flat, breaded and fried, topped with mushroom gravy.
2. Tipical Breakfast (Costa Rica) - Got this at most places we stopped for breakfast while in Costa Rica. Over easy eggs with gallo pinto (rice and black beans), served with corn tortillas and fried plantains. I could seriously eat it every morning. Extra hot sauce, por favor.
3. Pickled Herring (Scandinavia) - Pickled Herring, boiled egg, dill, a little havarti cheese. Ain't nothing wrong with that.
4. Kalua Pig (Hawaiian) - Pork slow cooked (traditionally anyway, though it's faked pretty commonly to pretty much the same result) in an underground oven (you've seen it, buried with hot rocks in the sand). The resort I got married at on the Big Island had a breakfast restaurant that did Kalua Pork Benedict which is hands down the best breakfast I've ever had.
5. Lumpia (Philippines) - My uncle married a Philippino woman and spending the night with my cousin as a kid might be the reason I'm so into food to begin with. I've had all the staples of Philippino cuisine, but lumpia is my (and everyone else's) favorite. Whether its vegetable, pork, chicken, or (my favorite) banana, it's a perfect dish.
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