Nick (beforetheflood) wrote in top_fives,

Top five things you love about things you hate

1. Hate Jay Leno, love "Headlines".
2. Hate Inception, love watching Joseph Gordon Levitt fight a dude while gravity shifts from the floor to the wall to the ceiling to the other wall.
3. Hate New Belgium Brewing, love Ranger IPA - To be fair, I don't hate New Belgium (in fact, I really respect a lot about that company), I just don't like most of their beers, at all. But I really really enjoy Ranger IPA, especially given the price.
4. Hate Christmas, love having a Christmas tree - My wife and I decorate ours while watching Bad Santa every year.
5. Hate that my dog, Bobo barks and attacks the TV every time there's a dog on it, love the reaction it gets out of company.

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